FTA Audit Assistance

-FTA Audit Assistance

With You in Every Step of the FTA UAE Audit Process

The provisions of the Federal Law on Taxation provide the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) with the legal right to conduct a tax audit on any person to determine their compliance with the provisions of the relevant laws. A Federal Tax Authority audit is the government’s assessment of a company regarding its responsibility as a taxable entity.

This audit, conducted by the Federal Tax Authority in the United Arab Emirates, ensures that every obligation is paid, all tax dues are collected and given to the government within the specified time frame. The government is also assessing the company as to whether it is pursuing certain responsibilities that apply to its business as per the federal tax laws of the UAE Tax Authority.

At MAT TAX Services our employees are experienced in handling tax audits in various business sectors and can assist companies during a tax audit by the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

The VAT audit review reveals discrepancies in regulatory tax policies and appropriate procedures according to UAE tax laws. A tax audit review is more of a necessity than an option as it will enhance your organization’s ability to face a VAT audit. To avoid falling under the category of VAT non-compliance, it is always a good idea to conduct a tax audit or health check for VAT in your organization.

The Federal Tax Authority has identified various options for taxpayers to correct their mistakes before conducting an assessment, such as submitting a voluntary disclosure or a review form, as the case requires.

A value-added tax audit review will help you understand and address the causes of non-compliance in the past and future. It will assist you in identifying any areas that require correction while ensuring the accuracy of the transferred taxes and compliance with the tax laws of the United Arab Emirates.