Reconsideration for VAT Penalty Waiver

Reconsideration for VAT Penalty Waiver

Resolving tax disputes with a strategic approach

Anyone responsible for a penalty can submit a request for reconsideration with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) if they are not satisfied with the decision. The Federal Tax Authority takes a positive approach to fines payers and will review its own decision on filing a reconsideration form. It is a great relief that the Federal Tax Authority has provided to taxpayers.

Moreover, the taxpayer can also submit a review form for any clarification received by the Federal Tax Authority asking them to reconsider its clarification. The reconsideration form must be submitted within 20 business days from the day the company is notified of the decision or clarification.

The reconsideration form must be submitted in Arabic only, and no other language is allowed to submit the application. We discuss the purpose of providing an illustration.

Through our experience and knowledge on this subject, we can assist companies in compiling and submitting all necessary documents for review within the specified time period of 20 working days. Our specialists will provide you with in-depth insight into the complex procedures of legal provisions. We can help you craft expert legal reports to include both technical and procedural arguments.