Transaction Advisory on VAT

Transaction Advisory on VAT

Transforming experience into leads

Most business transactions are subject to tax and the effects of VAT vary depending on the context. A proactive approach helps avoid complications and maximizes job opportunities. In any business, different transactions have different effects and require different solutions. At MAI TAX Services, we provide value-added tax advisory services that are flexible and targeted to the needs of individual companies.

We will look at the processes the company has established to administer VAT and look at the controls in place to manage risk. Our dedicated professionals gain a solid understanding of the business model and business environment in which the company operates.

We then analyze the value-added tax provisions on commercial transactions within the scope of the legal provisions and provide advice based on the analysis of the transactions along with the applicability of the law.

Our consultants have a deep knowledge of the tax system in the United Arab Emirates. They will inform you of the laws and direct the tax impacts on each transaction from the initial owed effect to the post-transaction effect. Our team will also assist you in establishing transaction-level compliance policy and procedures.