VAT Compliance Review

VAT Compliance Review

Navigate the ever-changing tax landscape

VAT is a self-assessment transactional tax. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure that the extensive obligations imposed by the legislation and regulations are fulfilled and that VAT is correctly accounted for, collected and paid over to the Federal Tax Authority. 

MAI TAX Services targets in finding out disparities in your organizational VAT policies and appropriate procedures as per the UAE VAT Laws with our VAT compliance review. A VAT Compliance Review is more of a necessity than an option since it will prepare your organization to face a VAT Audit . To avoid falling under the prospect of non-compliance with VAT, it is always better to have a third-party consultant to conduct the VAT Compliance Review in your organization.

Our VAT compliance review will help you understand the causes of non-compliance and address them in the future. It will assist you in identifying areas that require rectification while ensuring the accuracy of taxes remitted. We support companies in meeting Tax compliance obligations, optimizing costs, mitigating risks and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

MAI TAX Services provides a host of Compliance and outsourcing services to assist companies in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Our VAT compliance team reviews the customer’s compliance framework and all VAT reports and our experts support customers to remediate after identification of the loopholes in the compliance system. Our experienced team will also ensure that the entity does not create any issue related to VAT for the customer and other businesses which can adversely affect the business reputation and commercial relationships.